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The Lightness of Being

Muse Contemporary Gallery

February 17, 2022 – March 17, 2022
by appointment

Levent, Aydin sok.12 K.1

It is good to know that young artists are still preoccupied with ethereal beauty – the theme of Muse Contemporary’s group exhibition, curated by Ayşe Pınar Akalın: no fewer than 12 contemporary artists working with different mediums; sculpture, photography and painting. Three are new to the Turkish scene: the Ukrainian Aljoscha, best known for conceptual installations and sculptures; Paolo Campagnolo, with shimmering designs and metallic paints, and the Turkish Kübra Inanç all make their debuts in a private gallery show.

Also in the show are Jake Michael Singer’s birdlike statues, Canan Savaş’s organic mixed media works, Kübra Yarar’s abstract acrylic paintings, Lithian Ricci’s fantastical carnivalesque paintings, Rahşan Düren’s expressive oil painting, Sandra Çavdar’s dreamlike creations, Sezin Aksoy’s transformational acrylic and oil paintings, Süha Derbent’s wildlife photography, and Yasemin Vardarlılar’s unconventional ceramics.

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