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The Martyrdom of Konon of Bidana:

How the Patron of the Isaurians was Made

May 11, 2021
Tuesday 17:00-18:30 (London UTC+1) | 19:00-20:30 (Ankara UTC+3)
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BIAA presents An Anatolian Studies Virtual Seminar with Philipp Pilhofer

This seminar focuses on a local martyr from a village close to Isaura in the Taurus mountains: Konon of Bidana. The Martyrdom of Konon is a late antique Greek hagiographical text centred on this rural saint. Philipp Philhofer will show how the martyr text presents Konon as an unpretentious local man, who steps up to become a thaumaturge and the Christian apostle of the region. The epigraphical and archaeological remains show that the regional population respected Konon as their local patron.

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