The Museum of Islamic Art the Pergamon Museum: From the Ivory Tower to the Centre of Our Society

A lecture by Prof. Dr. Stefan Weber

January 21, 2021
Thursday, 5-6pm CET
The number of participants is limited.
Please register until 20 January 2021 here:

The Museum für lslamische Kunst (Museum of Islamic Art) in Berlin is one of the major collections of its kind in the world and the only one in German-speaking countries. As the oldest Islamic Art Museum in the West, it is an internationally renowned research centre and archive of the heritages of the Middle East. Each year up to a million visitors experience the rich cultural legacy of the Muslim World. The museum cares not only for the past but also for our common future: It has won several awards for its programs on cultural education, migration, heri­tage preservation and training-cooperations with the Arab World.

Professor Dr Stefan Weber is the Director of the Museum of Islamic Art at the Pergamon in Berlin, Germany. Previously, he was Assistant Professor of Material Culture at Aga Khan University in London. Between 1996 and 2007 he was a Research Fellow at the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) in Damascus and at the Orient-Institute Beirut (OIB). He currently organises the re-conceptualisation of the Museum of Islamic Art, which explores new grounds for communicating the legacy of art, architecture and archaeology of the Islamic Middle East.

The online event will be conducted as a video conference using the software “Zoom”. After registering you will receive the corresponding access data.

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