The Screens

James Richards

September 7, 2013 – October 27, 2013

The second solo exhibition of young British artist James Richards is an installation in four parts – one work is arranged on four separate slide projectors, one is a video taken from his 2006 work ‘Practice Theory’, one is a series of silkscreen prints on wood and one is a diptych hanging under a ‘dark room red’ Perspex surface.

The installation ‘The Screens’ shows images of latex skin, make-up brushes and pens, fake blood and powdered hair, ‘clicking’ through with a very specific rhythm. Meanwhile, the untitled print series shows images which come from textbooks and graphs that analyse personality types. Known for working with archives of video footage that he scavenges and remixes, Richard’s latest exhibition aims to comment on finding the personal amidst today’s morass of visual media.

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