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The ‘Deserving Foreigner’: Venetian Protection in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire

An online lecture by Umberto Signori

December 17, 2020
Thursday, 12:15 – 13:45 GMT+2

The Haifa Centre for Mediterranean History (HCMH) presents a joint online lecture with the Department of General History of the University of Haifa.

This presentation proposes to analyse what defined the identification of people in the early modern Eastern Mediterranean. By focusing on claims of protection made by migrants who moved in and around the Ottoman Empire, this talk provides important insight into the different ways with which people from various social backgrounds displayed their merits to prove to be deserving of Venetian protection. Furthermore, examining the orders issued by the Ottoman sovereign authority allows demonstrating the role of the early modern diplomacy in the process of evaluating people’s right to protection.

Umberto Signori holds a doctorate in Early Modern History from the University of Milan. His work explores issues of mobility, diplomacy, protection, and procedures of identification in the early modern Mediterranean from a perspective centred on the rights claimed by foreigners.

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