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Woven Luxuries

Indian, Persian and Turkish Velvets from the Indictor Collection

March 13, 2015 – November 1, 2015
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Adults $15, concessions $10, children 12 and under free.

Asian Art Museum, 200 Larkin Street, San Fransisco, CA 94102

Silk velvets were the pre-eminent luxury textile in many parts of the Islamic world and Europe, especially from the 15th century onwards. They were used for clothing, carpets, spreads, bolsters, hangings, and exchanged as diplomatic gifts.

The 11 textiles in this exhibition are selections from a private New York collection, providing a glimpse into the richness and diversity of Iranian, Indian and Turkish silk velvets. Spanning three distinct cultural areas with their own design sensibilities and tastes, this group of textiles showcases the different techniques of velvet production and their varied uses.

Of special note are the two complete 17th-century carpets from India and Iran, each measuring nearly 6 by 4 feet and retaining not only their design elements but also their vibrant colors. These, along with nine other substantially sized textile fragments, show the cultural exchange between the Mughal, Safavid and Ottoman empires—linked by shifting political, religious and economic ties.

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