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Maslak Kasırları

Büyükdere Caddesi, Maslak, Şişli, Istanbul

Tue–Wed, Fri, Sat–Sun: 9.00–17.00

A little-visited palace on the edge of the Belgrade Forest. Initially used as hunting grounds and a place to relax by the sultans, the first buildings in this complex were constructed during the reign of Mahmud II (1808–1839). Although it cannot be determined who built these pavilions exactly, most parts date back to the period of Abdülaziz (1861–1876). They were then handed over to Abdulhamid II (1876–1909) when he was still a prince.

The Kasr-ı Hümayun (Imperial Kiosk), Mabeyn-i Hümayun (Imperial Court), Limonluk (Lemon Mansion), Çadır Kiosk and the Paşa Dairesi (General’s Apartment) survive to this day, and are elegant examples of late 19th-century Ottoman wooden domestic architecture. The camellias around the Limonluk are the oldest examples of their kinds in the city.

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