Historical Vestiges of Niyazi Misri’s Presence on the Island of Limnos

By Heath W Lowry
Published by Bahçeşehir University Press

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Paperback, 135 pages, first published 2011
Book Description

While the archaeologists and architects of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture are presently engaged in attempts to salvage and restore the remnants of their own Ottoman past on mainland Greece, the isolated islands along the coast of the northern and eastern shores of the Aegean have yet to receive similar attention. This book represents a preliminary attempt to focus attention on one important overlooked aspect of Ottoman history on the Greek islands: the architectural remains of Limnos, which are linked to the charismatic 17th century Muslim mystic and poet Niyazi Misri. Misri was twice banished to Limnos for his heretical views and died there in 1694.

This is the third book in the Bahçeşehir Occasional Papers in History series.

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£13.00 / $16.25 / 91.91 TL

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