TURKS A Journey of a Thousand Years 600 – 1600

The Royal Academy Exhibition Catalogue

Contributions by Peter B Golden, Peter Zieme, Marianne Yaldiz, Oya Pancaroglu, Nazan Olcer, Filiz Cagman, David J Roxburgh, Serpil Bagci and Zeren Tanindi, Mustafa Isen, Osman Fikri Sertkaya.

Published by The Royal Academy of Arts
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Book Description

‘Turks: A Journey of a Thousand Years, 600–1600’ opened at the Royal Academy at the start of 2005 to great acclaim. The Ottoman exhibits, many of them never before seen outside Turkey, are a glorious marriage of refinement and splendour. But ‘Turks’ is about more than the Ottomans. It celebrates the art of three great Turkic empires: that of the Seljuks, who ruled Persia and most of Anatolia; that of Tamerlane, based in Samarkand, which stretched from India to the Mediterranean; and the Ottoman Empire itself. Central Asia has had a profound influence on Western culture that has been ignored for too long. Cornucopia 33 devotes 25 pages to the show.

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