The Life of the Red Sea Dhow

A Cultural History of Seaborne Exploration in the Islamic World

Dionisius A. Agius

Published by I.B Tauris

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1st Edition

Paperback, 384 pages, first published 2019

‘"This a work of such scholarship and erudition that it should become a classic the second it is published. ..Romantic, trustworthy, the dhow occupies a place in my heart reached by no other memory." – Joanna Lumley, OBE, FRGS

"This truly outstanding and definitive contribution to maritime history preserves priceless, vanishing traditional knowledge for future generations. A fascinating book to explore.” – Brian Fagan, Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara and author of 'Beyond the Blue Horizon'

Book Description

The Arab dhow is one of the most romantic sights at sea, a seemingly timeless vessel that has been doing business around the Arabian and African coasts since medieval times. In this extensive book, the history of these ships if fully documented from primary as well as secondary sources combined with several seasons of ethnographic fieldwork. The author, Dionisius A. Agius, is Professor of Arabic Studies and Islamic Material Culture at the University of Exeter, and his book, with 63 black-and white illustrations and eight pages in colour describes the roll of the dhow in seasonal trade and commerce as well as in spreading ideas, and making connection with language, ideas and oral traditions.

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£25.00 / $30.38 / 169.63 TL

1st Edition
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