Tribal and Village Rugs

The Definitive Guide to Design, Pattern & Motif

By Peter F Stone
Published by Thames & Hudson
Out of Print

Book Description

Essential reference…a must for collectors, scholars and dealers’– Antiques and Auction News

‘Speaks to everyone with an interest in textile design’– Handwoven

This guide to the identification of motifs, designs and patterns of the rich weaving traditions of the Near East and Central Asia is an indispensable resource on Oriental rugs and carpets.

The book is divided into six major regional and tribal groupings, covering Anatolian, Baluchi, Caucasian, Kurdish, Persian and Turkmen motifs. These are further subdivided into sections which give more precise attributions and motif types, and examine the derivations and uses of medallions, field repeats and borders, as well as the relationships between them.

Pattern recognition has long been used to determine the origin and age of rugs, and this detailed analysis of designs and their component elements provides a vital key to accurate attribution.

Lavishly illustrated throughout, this book has become an invaluable aid to identifying the enormous variety of tribal and village rug motifs. It is also a treasure house of creative inspiration for designers of all kinds.

Peter F. Stone is an expert on Oriental carpets and the author of several books, including The Oriental Rug Lexicon.

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