Uçhisar Unfolding

The Many Faces of a Cappadocian Village

Evelyn Kopp

Published by Çitlembik
Out of Print

Paperback, 270 pages, published 2002
Book Description

Uchisar Unfolding gives you a real insider’s view of this Cappadocian village. More than a guide book, it is a living history. With her knack for asking lots of questions, Evelyn Kopp has collected a treasury of the traditions and legends of this incredible and ancient settlement. She shares with you the many faces of Uchisar that she uncovered during her research. Peeling back the layers, she reveals the almost-forgotten lifestyles and legends of the village, as well as the major changes the village has experienced.

Included are walking tours of Uchisar, a map marked with routes and attractions, a Turkish Spelling and Pronunciation Guide, and a Turkish Glossary.

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