Arlette Mellaart (1924 –2014)

Archaeologist stepdaughter of Turkish politician Kadri Cenani, she married James Mellaart and worked on the excavations at Çatalhöyük as translator, photographer and camp manager.


  • Reflections on a Summerhouse

    The Savfet Pasha Yalı in Kanlıca

    From Issue 25

    After years of neglect, the Savfet Pasha Yalı became a much loved, if leaky home, filled with the sound of classical music. Arlette Mellaart, who went to live there at 15, recalls three happy decades spent in this fragile bohemian setting, her stepfather’s haughty mother, the cats and the rats, the bustling Bosphorus, the parties, the wartime intrigues, and married life – all to the accompaniment of her mother’s piano playing

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