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CORNUCOPIA BOOKS, a new publishing venture from Cornucopia Magazine, is a small but growing list of idiosyncratic titles that have captured the editor's imagination. Each book marries good writing and unique insights with memorable photographs. Our latest title, The Land of the Anka Bird, is a photographic journey across the Turkic heartlands of Central Asia, introduced by the award-winning writer Caroline Eden.

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Journeys Across Roman Asia Minor

Photographs by Don McCullin
Commentary by Barnaby Rogerson
Foreword by William Dalrymple

Hardback, publication 1st September, 2023

ISBN 978-09565948-8-4


Journeys Across Roman Asia Minor is driven by an eye for beauty and an ear for history. It is an album of the most recent photographs taken by Don McCullin, informed by a life full of hard-won experience. While most of us were sheltering from Covid, Don explored the mountains, valleys and coast of western Turkey, hunting out the most poignant and powerful ruins of the Roman Empire. He has created a meditation on landscape, the effects of light on ancient stone, the way clouds animate the past, but it is also inescapably about past conflict. About conquest, about imperium, about power.

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£95 / $120.72 / €112.51
($/€ approx)

A Journey through the Turkic Heartland

By Caroline Eden
Photographs by Ergun Cağatay

Firm paperback, 152 pages, 114 plates, 1 map
26 x 20 x 1.2cm

ISBN 978-09957566-2-5

From the oasis cities of Central Asia to the vast frozen wastes of eastern Siberia, the remarkable photographs of Ergun Çağatay reflect the immensity and drama of the Turkic-speaking world and the colourful lives, beliefs and spirit of its peoples. Caroline Eden pays tribute to a pioneering Turkish photographer who travelled more than 100,000 miles to capture these unique images.

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£22.95 / $29.16 / €27.18
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A Stroll Through Bohemian Istanbul

By John Freely
Photographs by Ara Güler
Tribute by Andrew Finkel
Afterword by Maureen Freely

Hardback, 144 pages, 42 plates

Published October 1, 2018

ISBN 978-09565948-8-4

With the exception of Oğuz, so thin that he was known as The Ghost because he barely cast a shadow, everyone in John Freely’s rumbustious memoir, including the author himself, is larger than life. Bohemian Istanbul was a haven for myriad misfits who found their feet in the city. Glamorous, eccentric, cosmopolitan and frequently anarchic, they included the ‘berserker’ Peter Pfeiffer, a resourceful exile with three passports, Aliye Berger, the beautiful queen of bohemian Pera, the writer James Baldwin and, fleetingly, the future Pope John XXIII.

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And other inside stories from a vanishing Turkey

By Patricia Daunt
Foreword by John Julius Norwich
Photographs by Fritz von der Schulenburg, Simon Upton, Cemal Emden, Jürgen Frank, Jean Marie del Moral, Brian McKee

Hardback, 304 pages, 232 plates

Published October 2017

ISBN 978-09957566-0-1

From Istanbul’s palatial old embassies to its glorious Bosphorus summerhouses, from Ottoman Paris to Ankara’s Art Deco, from rainforest mansions to a mad mosque in the mountains… a diplomat’s wife reveals surprising secret histories. This book brings together essays by Patricia Daunt written for Cornucopia Magazine over the past twenty-five years. It concludes with her latest article, on the magnificent ruins of Aphrodisias, newly listed as a World Heritage Site, but long one of her greatest loves.

Proceeds from the book go to the Friends of Aphrodisias Trust.

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RRP: £25.00

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Exploring the Anatolian frontier of the Assyrian Empire

By Timothy Matney, John MacGinnis, Dirk Wicke and Kemalettin Köroğlu

Firm paperback, 232 pages, 392 colour plates

Published September 2017

ISBN 978-09565948-9-1

Ziyaret Tepe, the ancient city of Tušhan, was a provincial capital of the Assyrian Empire, in its day the greatest empire the world had ever seen. The excavations captured in this innovative book uncovered the palace of the governor, the mansions of the elite and the barracks of the rank and file, charting the history of the empire from its expansion in the early 9th century BC to its fall three centuries years later.

Winner of the Archaeological Institute of America’s 2019 Felicity A Holden Award

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RRP: £16.95

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£14.95 / $19.00 / €17.71
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The Wolfe Expedition and the Photographs of John Henry Haynes

By Benjamin Anderson and Robert Ousterhout
Photographs by John Henry Haynes (1849–1910)

Firm paperback, 128 pages, 85 black & white photographs

Published 2016

ISBN 978-0-9565948-7-7

Home to the legendary Queen Zenobia, the Syrian oasis of Palmyra – known as ‘the Pearl of the Desert’ – was one of the most important cultural centres of the ancient world. A key stop on the Silk Road, it was a vital link between the East and the West, and a prize fought over by successive conquering armies.

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A Photographer and Archaeologist in the Ottoman Empire 1881–1900 (2nd Edition)

By Robert Ousterhout
Photographs by John Henry Haynes (1849–1910)


Firm paperback, 152 pages, 128 black & white photographs

Published 2016

ISBN 978-0-9565948-6-0

Still virtually unknown, JOHN HENRY HAYNES (1849–1910) is the father of American archaeological photography. His travels took him from Athens to Istanbul and on to Mesopotamia. In this landmark study, revised with additional unpublished photographs, Robert G. Ousterhout assesses his unique blend of artistry and documentation.

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