Raf Jah

Farhat started taking photographs at the age of about 7 with a borrowed camera. Always planning to be a journalist, he fell into the world of Scuba Diving in 1994. He went on to set up India’s biggest dive centre. At this point he started writing and taking pictures of his journey’s through India in dilapidated landrovers. After closing his dive operation in 1998 he set off around Africa in another landrover, writing along the way. He never left. He set up a dive centre off the coast of Tanzania on the Island of Pemba. (www.swahilidivers.com). Now he concentrates on writing, underwater photography and fine art Photography.

His articles and images have appeared in numerous publications; with subjects as diverse as: expedition, aviation, travel and fine art images of his native Turkey.

Farhat is married and divides his time between Tanzania, Turkey and Asia. www.farhatjah.com for more


  • All Aboard for Anatolia

    The Journey East: By overnight express to Kars

    From Issue 42

    Raf Jah introduces Cornucopia’s 55-page exploration of Turkey’s compelling northeast, with description of the train journey from Haydarpaşa Station, on the Bosphorus, to the old Iron-Curtain border town of Kars

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