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Bodies, Bronze, and Başur:

What the dead have to say about it

April 26, 2021
Monday 5 – 7.30pm (London)
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A BIAA Online Lecture by Brenna Hassett (Institute of Archaeology, UCL)

Physical anthropology at the site of Başur Höyük near modern-day Siirt in the Upper Tigris region allows fascinating insights into the Mesopotamian sphere of influence at the crux of the transition to the 3rd millennium BCE. In the interregnum between waves of southern Mesopotamian influence, the rich retainer burials and mass death pit of the Early Bronze Age cemetery at Başur Höyük provide impressive testimony to the ways in which the dead can be used to communicate new ideas of social connection – and disconnection.

Brenna Hassett, PhD is a bioarchaeologist with a special interest in growth and health in the past. Her work has focused on health, growth, and urbanism in diverse locations from Thailand to Turkey and periods from the Pre Pottery Neolithic to the 1990s, but she is currently CoI on the AHRC funded Radical Death project at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology. She is also a Scientific Associate at the Natural History Museum London.

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