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Frankish Gravestones in the Eastern Aegean from the Medieval Period

June 15, 2021
The seminar will be held via Zoom, register here free of charge for details.

Anatolian Studies Virtual Seminar with Prof Ergün Laflı, Dr Maurizio Buora, assisted by Prof Denys Pringle

This seminar presents and discusses mainly four Latin tombstones relating to Italian residents of medieval Ephesus that have been recovered from properties on the terrace of Ayasuluk (modern Selçuk). Two of them, dating from the late 14th century, were originally published in 1937, while the other two, from the mid-15th century, came to light more recently in January 2017.

Professor Ergün Laflı is a classical archaeologist at the Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir, where he chairs the Division of Medieval Archaeology and is director of the Center of the Archaeology of Western Anatolia (EKVAM). He holds a BA from the University of Ankara (1996), an MA from the University of Tübingen (1999) and a PhD from the University of Cologne (2003).

Dr Maurizio Buora is a classical archaeologist, was the former director of the Civici Musei Castello di Udine and the current director of the Società Friuliana di Archeologia, Italy. He holds a BA, an MA and a PhD degree all in classical archaeology, from Italian universities. Since 2000 Dr Buora cooperates with Professor Laflı for the study of Greek, Roman and Byzantine archaeology of Asia Minor.

Professor Denys Pringle is an emeritus professor from the Cardiff School of History and Archaeology at Cardiff University. He holds a BA from Southampton University (1973) and a DPhil from Oxford University (1978). Before his post at Cardiff Professor Pringle was the principal inspector of ancient monuments in Historic Scotland between 1986 and 1999.

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