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Walls of Israel

Burhan Doğançay

September 23, 2023 – February 11, 2024

Museum of Art and History of Geneva (MAH), Rue Charles-Galland 2, 1206 Genève, Switzerland

The exhibition “The Walls of Burhan Doğançay” features fifty-five works from the “Walls of Israel” series, showcasing the artist’s fascination with urban walls as art since 1963. Doğançay’s process involves capturing wall details, sketching, and recreating scenes using various techniques, resulting in a unique blend of naive drawings, political slogans, and advertising. The “Walls of Israel” series reflects the country’s sentiments in the 1970s, including symbols of peace, political messages, and UN presence. Doğançay’s global travels led to his extensive “Walls of the World” photographic archive, highlighting the universal language found in walls worldwide.

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