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Museum of Uşak Archaeology

Kurtuluş Mh,

Uşak carpets are on display, but this is also where the famous Lydian, or Karun, Treasure has finally come to rest. More than 350 pieces from the tomb of a wealthy 7th-century BC Lydian, possibly King Croesus himself (Karun is Persian for Croesus), were discovered by treasure hunters in a Lydian tumulus near the village of Güre, 25 km west of Uşak and illegally taken out of the country in the 1960s, and sold to the Metropolitan Museum in New York for $1.5 million. Tracked down by Turkish journalist Özgen Acar after a seven-year legal battle costing millions, the New York museum was finally forced to admit its misdemeanour, and the treasure was returned. The Hoard includes many items of gold and silver, and rare wall paintings from the Aktepe tumulus, portraits of a man and a woman who faced each other on opposite sides of the tomb

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