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Anna Akhmatova Café

Anny Akhmatovoy 21/16, Yevpatoria, Crimea

Open 10:00 – 24:00

A five-minute walk from the Odun Bazaar Kapısı gate and Yevpatoria’s sun-drenched promenade.

A literary café and miniature museum in the house next to the home of the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova.

Good beef medallions and other bistro-style dishes, delicious desserts and very good wine. Thoroughly central European in feel.

Cornucopia 49

No surrender for Anna

The modest house where the renowned poet Anna Akhmatova lived, now a museum devoted to her life and work, is one of the best places to eat in town.

Having been warned by her father not to disgrace the family by aspiring to be a poet, she spurned her family name of Gurenko and styled herself Akhmatova, a pen name she took from Ahmet Khan, a forebear descended from Genghis Khan.

As a modernist she sought to bring clarity back to poetry, rejecting the vagueness of the symbolists – such as the work of Maximilian Voloshin – in favour of precise concrete imagery. But Akhmatova, now an icon of Russian literature of whom the Crimeans are most proud, fell foul of the authorities under Stalin and was denounced for, among other crimes, writing poetry that was full of mysticism and eroticism…

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