Yesil Cami and Türbe

Yeşil Mosque‎, Yeşil Mh. 16360 Bursa Province/Bursa, Turkey

The mosque and tomb of Mehmed I is the place for aesthetics. From here you will see why Bursa was known as Green Bursa, for if offers the most perfect view of the hilltop mosque of Emir Sultan, surrounded by cypresses, just a 10-minute stroll away. A sleepy museum in a box-hedged garden occupies the Yesil medrese, alongside a row of prettily painted houses, which have now become antique shops. Emir Sultan’s courtyard, with its wooden arches, has a 19th-century Caucasian feel. Bird-houses are built into all the walls; fine stones and cypresses fill the cemetery below. Itinerant sellers outside the mosques sell leather slippers and earthenware pots. Encourage them.
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