Soy’s copper crêpe pan

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Diameter: 20cm

Soy's fabulous crêpe pans with their solid 2.5mm copper mass and silver lining are perfect heat conductors that will give you ultimate control for crêpe-making, omelettes etc. The balance of the pan is just perfect for flipping – suitable for both home use and the professional.

The 999 carat silver lining makes the pan able to withstand very high temperatures with ease, unlike their Western-European counterparts, that delaminate (and are lost forever) after roughly 290°C. Produced entirely by hand and hammer cold-forging – no press or even spinning is involved.

The handles are of Soy's own patented alloy of sand-cast solid bronze and mounted on the main body with 5 rivets each made of solid white copper, painstakingly filed by hand, and will last a lifetime. The trident handle design means the handle heats up quite slowly, 3 to 4 times slower than cast-iron pans.

Instructions for use:

  • Unlike cast iron and terracotta, which are highly porous materials, copper and silver are totally non-porous and do not require any “curing” or “seasoning”.
  • The pan will retain the heat extremely well, so once the pan is hot, lower the heat during cooking.
  • After use, allow the pan to cool, soak in cold water and wipe clean with a non-abrasive cloth.
  • Discolouration of the metals from use is normal.
  • The pan can be cleaned up with silver polish as desired.

Customer comments:

It really is exquisite. Love the engraving too, a very lovely gift that will last for ever, and which I can pass down to my children when their turn comes.


  • Custom name engraving (by hand) is available for an additional £15 – just add the Soy Engraving product to the basket and email with your engraving request (max. 20 characters).
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