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Serap Yurdaer Ceramics

In the charming Aegean town of Alaçatı, Serap Yurdaer Erboy fires her own beautiful, modern ceramics.

In addition to being a passionate self-study in ceramics, Serap invites yearly international and national artists for workshops and hosts them in her studio, Alaçatı Arts & Crafts, a restored 19th century farmhouse which now functions as a workspace, gallery and learning centre. She also runs free classes for the children in her village to encourage their artistic expression.

Serap’s work draws on traditional Turkish themes with a modern design aesthetic. The result is a unique spectrum of functional pottery to abstract sculptural pieces. Most of her creations are “wheel-thrown” using a wide-range of texturing, colouring and glazing techniques. Serap credits her inspiration to emotional honesty, a deep need to create, and a passion for cooking (she considers her kitchen to be her second studio).

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