Soy’s set of 4 copper shot glasses

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Soy's copper shot glasses are painstakingly hand-spun from pure heavy gauge 1,25mm copper, and exceed in quality any metallic shot glass made from copper in any other part of the world.

There are some advantages to a copper shot glass:

  • Copper is thermally superconductive so you can cool them down to sub-zero temperatures by popping them briefly in the freezer.
  • Copper is malleable and will not break like glass.
  • These copper shot glasses are stackable and easily stored.

PLEASE NOTE: The Leylâ shot glasses are manufactured from pure, unlined copper, which is ideal for alcoholic beverages because alcohol doesn't react with copper. After contact with water dry thoroughly inside and out.

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PLEASE NOTE: all Soy products are specially hand-made to order! Soy aim to deliver within 1 week by DHL but advise that delivery may take up to 3 weeks depending on production time.

Please always check your purchases on delivery. In the unlikely event that the product has been damaged during shipping, please return it immediately and a replacement will be shipped:

Soy Turkiye, Bağdat Caddesi 483/B, Suadiye, 34740 Istanbul / TURKEY
Tel: +90 216 330 0030

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