Kâni Karaca: Secular Music

Published by Kalan Müsik, double CD
£12.99 / $15.92 / 91.81 TL ($/TL approx)

Kani Karaca was born in Adana in 1930.
He lost his vision when he was two months old. He had already committed the whole Koran to memory before he completed primaray education.
In 1950 he came to Istanbul, where met masters of both religious and secular music including Sadettin Kaynak, and Hafiz Ali Üsküdarli, whose singing style he greatly admired. From Sadettin Heper he learnt to play the kudüm.
He has toured the world with Mevlevi groups and other religious music ensembles.
Karaca performs both religious and secular music, but is revered as a hafiz, a reciter of the Holy Koran, and as a reciter of the Mevlid (Nativity poem), Kasides (eulogies), Ezan (the call to prayer). In this he is considered one of the great masters. Two of the tracks of this cd were recorded live, including the Naat performed in Konya in December 1972.

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