Soner Bekir

Soner Bekir is an enthusiastic birdwatcher, guide and photographer. He led the first Turkish-based birding tour in 2005 in Turkey, along with Cagan H. Sekercioglu, the first trip of its kind. Soner has worked as a consultant for Tourism Development in Eastern Anatolia Project in 2005 and spent 3 months in the Choruh Valley researching the autumn migration routes.


  • The Great Bosphorus Migration

    Birds of Passage

    From Issue 41

    Birds migrating between Africa and Europe have a choice of two narrow channels of water to cross: the Straits of Gibraltar in the west, and the Bosphorus in the east. At Çamlica Hill, the highest point of Istanbul, on the Asian side, flocks of storks spiral up to catch the airstreams that will carry them safely on. There are many other birds of passage, too, captured here on camera by Soner Bekir

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