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The Absence of Definition

April 17, 2023 – June 30, 2023

Culturally Arts Collective

The “Anti-Art” exhibition curated by the Milostka Exhibition Center and hosted on Culturally Arts Collective’s website showcases 21 artists from all over the world who challenge the established definition and standards of art through their unorthodox mediums and concepts. The exhibit covers a range of topics including human identity, politics, nature, pollution, female archetypes, cultural differences, and the fusion of art and technology, among others.

Melis Arslan, an Istanbul-based artist featured in the exhibition, is a sculpture and ceramics teacher who received education from Marmara University, Beykent University, and Gazi University. Her artwork in the exhibit is based on a 15th-century Turkish-Oriental book, in which a figure’s head has numerous copies of their own head sprouting out. In Arslan’s work, Medusa’s head takes the place of the serpents, offering a unique interpretation of the original book’s theme.

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Issue 66, December 2023 Turkey’s Centenary Issue
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