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Emre Hüner

[ELEKTROİZOLASYON]: Unknown Parameter Extro-Record

March 25, 2021 – December 5, 2021

Arter, Irmak Caddesi 13, Dolapdere, Beyoğlu, 34435 İstanbul

Fresh from successful shows in New York and Mexico City, Emre Hüner focuses on the creative process of script-writing. Hüner has created his new works – sculptures, installations, photo-etchings, silkscreen prints, film and texts – around a semi-fictional script. But his real interest seems to be in a performative production process that relies on improvisation and moves across disciplines.

His aim is to release the script from its function, turning it instead into a means to an end – a device to mediate between different media, film, novel-writing and architecture. It is about a process of scriptwriting and not about reaching a conclusive outcome.

Black and white film sequences, including the eponymous 5-hour film [ELEKTROİZOLASYON] play in the background. while sound elements provide ‘subterranean murmurs’. The ‘familiar archetypes’ and urban backcloth of Arter’s Dolapdere district form the visual context. If objects are props, the scale is often distorted. Oxygen is seemingly in short supply and the mood is of ‘science-fictional estrangement’.

The curator, Aslı Seven divides her time between Istanbul and Paris. Her projects focus on ‘infrastructural and intangible forms of violence embodied within landscape and built environment’. She puts the emphasis on fieldwork, ficto-criticism and the collaborative artistic processes that serve to aid ‘healing, caring and community building’.

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