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Martoni’s Pilgrimage: the Levant before the Pax Ottomana

A talk by John Mole

January 17, 2019
Thursday at 6pm
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Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI), 50 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 5BT

Anglo-Turkish Society / Royal Anthropological Institute lecture

In 1394 a little, short-sighted middle aged provincial lawyer from Southern Italy made a dangerous pilgrimage to Jerusalem across the Mediterranean to Alexandria, up the Nile to Cairo and across the Sinai to the Holy Land. He came home via Jaffa, Beirut, Cyprus, Rhodes, Athens and Corinth. He kept a diary that John Mole has translated from Latin. It is fascinating first-hand account of peoples and lands in the turmoil of the Eastern Mediterranean as the Ottoman, Byzantine, Venetian and Latin empires struggle for supremacy. Join him on his journey!

John Mole lives in London and Greece. He wrote the bestselling ‘It’s All Greek To Me!’ about life in his village in Greece. ‘The Sultan’s Organ’ is a modern English version of the wonderful diary of an Elizabethan musician, taking a self-playing organ and clock to Constantinople. His latest novel is The Hero of Negropont, a traveller’s tale set in Ottoman Greece.

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