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Subjects and Agents of Orientalism in 19th Century Romania

Carol Popp de Szathmary and Theodor Aman

January 19, 2022
19.00 (Turkish time)

On 19 January 2022, Dr Roxana Coman will give an online talk for the Orient-Institut Istanbul on artistic agents of orientialism in nineteenth-century Romania.

As is the case with many other former Ottoman regions, Romania’s relation with its imperial Ottoman legacy is a complex, multilayered, contradictory, and ambiguous one. Artists Carol Popp de Szathmary (1812–1887), born and educated in Habsburg Transylvania, and Theodor Aman (1831–1891), the descendent of an Aromanian merchant from Oltenia, represent two of the kaleidoscopic discourses on what was perceived and constructed as 'Oriental' in nineteenth-century Romania.

Dr Roxana Coman is a museologist working in the Modern and Contemporary History department of the Bucharest Municipality Museum.

To attend this online lecture via Zoom, prior registration is necessary: Please send an email specifying your name and academic affiliation to by 17 January 2022 (Monday) at the latest. For technical reasons, the number of participants is limited. You will be informed about the organizational and technical procedure before the lecture starts.

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