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Hotel Polski

ul. Pijarska 17, Stare Miasto, 31-015 Kraków, Poland → Book Now

The Hotel Polski Pod Białym Orłem to give it its full name, is part of the Czartoryski Museum complex, just inside the citadel walls of Krakow. The rooms are small, but that is fine in a place like Krakow where everything is close together. The main square is a five-minute walk, and Wawel Royal Castle, and the far end of the city, a mere 15/20 minutes, and a lovely walk it is, too, whether you thread your way through this model 17th-century town’s neoclassical streets, or walk through the leafy park that encircles the old city. And it is the nearest comfy hotel to the station, an easy ten-minute walk.

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