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Oriental Institute Museum

1155 East 58th Street, Chicago, IL 60637. 

10am–5pm, 8pm Wednesdays. Closed Mondays. Free admission, $10 donation recommended.

The University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute has supported research and archaeological excavation in the Near East since 1919, and its Museum has major collections of antiquities from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran, Syria, Palestine and Anatolia, including material from the Hittite settlement of Alishar Hüyük, near Sorgun, where the Institute was involved in excavations in the early 1930s. There are sculptures from Persepolis and colossal Lamassu sculptural reliefs from Sargon II’s palace, Dur Sharrukin, Iraq, from around 705 BC. The Institute’s website offers a 360° interactive virtual tour.

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