Arthur M Sackler Museum

1050 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington DC, USA

Open daily 10 – 5.30 except Christmas

The Smithsonian’s museums of Asian art, the Sackler and the Freer, contain an incredible collection of Islamic art, including some one-hundred 19th-century Central Asia ikats from the Guido Goldman Collection. As with so many American Museums it stands testament to the phenomenal collections and philanthropy of private individuals.

Cornucopia 34

Power Dressing

‘Style and Status’ at the Sackler Gallery.

For boldness, colour and virtuosity nothing can compare with the golden age of the Ottoman kaftan. After months of conservation work to ensure that they could travel safely, the Topkapı lent the Sackler dozens of its mesmerising royal kaftans. Here Nurhan Atasoy, the exhibition’s guest curator, unwraps six robes of rank from a show that swept the design world off its feet.

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