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Ikonium Studio

Dr Şevkibey Sokak 6/B, Klodfarer Caddesi, Binbirdirek Mahallesi, Sultanahmet, 34122 Istanbul

Ikonium is in a leafy square close to the Sultanahmet tram stop. Walk towards Çemberlitaş and take the first street on your left.

Turkish artisan Mehmet Girgiç grew up in Konya watching felt-makers who used the local hamam to mould their fabric (writes Tim Cornwell). Now he and his American partner, Theresa May-O’Brien, work together on felt creations in their Sultanahmet workshop, from framed abstract or Ottomon motifs to felt amphoras, to his double-walled sikke hats. He has supplied them to most of the Dervish performers in Istanbul, and a shipment recently went to a Dervish lodge in Italy. Even Prince Charles has one, presented on a visit here. (Featured in Cornucopia 50. Photographs by Fritz von der Schulenburg)

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