Reading list | Erzurum

Sitting at around 2000m (6,500ft), Erzurum is a chilly city and a winter sports centre with the longest ski trail in Turkey. The ski slopes are on the encircling mountains at Palandöken and Konakli. It is also a geographically important city, controlling the route between the Caucasus and Anatolia, making it vital to every passing ruler – the Russians had it on and off for a while. In Ottoman times it was the Eastern base of the Janissaries and it played a crucial role in the War of Independence. There was a Nato base here during the Cold War and there is still a strong military presence. Atatürk University is the largest educational institution in Eastern Anatolia.

Cornucopi 55 has a special 26-page report, The Great Defender,  on the city and its historic sites, written by Scott Redford and photographed by Brian McKee. 

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