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Vanmour and the Guardis, by Jean Michel Casa. An exhibition at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, on Jean-Baptiste Vanmour perhaps the earliest Orientalist painter.

  • The Guardi brothers' 'Armenian Interior' inspired by Van Mour

In 1699 when the Marquis Charles de Ferriol d’Argental was appointed French ambassador to the Ottoman court by Louis XIV, he took in his entourage a little-known artist from Valenciennes to paint the costumes and customs of the Ottoman capital and to record his mission. The marquis returned to France in 1711, but Jean-Baptiste Van Mour stayed on in Istanbul, assuming the honorary title of peintre ordinaire du Roi en Levant and serving each of de Ferriol’s successors at the Palais de France until his death in 1737.

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Issue 5, 1993/94 Palaces of Diplomacy I
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