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The Art of Brocante

Since childhood, when she and her cousin Rifat Özbek were taken by their mothers to scour the antique markets of Galata, Zyenep Fadillioğlu has had an eye for the theatrical. First her flamboyant architectural finds appeared in her husband Meto’s smart Club 29. Now they add drama to her clients’ interiors. Her own house in Istanbul, seen here for the first time, is a brilliant showpiece for her eclectic flair. By John Welshman. Photographs: Mirjam Bleeker. Styled by Frank Visser

On a Friday night the taxi could not get anywhere near the door of Ulus 29, Meto and Zeynep Fadillioğlu’s panoramic rotunda restaurant overlooking the Bosphorus Bridge. Forced to pick my way uphill through the mesh of tightly parked sports cars, I found the inside equally packed, with glamorous and powerful guests at every table. Ulus 29 has all the liveliness and panache of its creators.

The following Sunday the Fadillioğlus invited me to brunch at their home high above the Büyükdere quays on the upper reaches of the Bosphorus. This again involved a steep climb up a hilly road that winds up and away from the Bosphorus through a grid of narrow streets of nineteenth-century houses that once belonged to Greek and Armenian communities whose churches and schools still survive.

Standing opposite the former dwelling of an Armenian priest, the Fadillioğlus’ solid stone house was bought in 1985 from another Armenian family, headed by a notable watchmaker. The building forms the long facade of an L-shaped complex, ingeniously created by restoring and incorporating an adjacent Ottoman wooden house.

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Issue 14, 1997/98 Objects of Desire
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  • Frontier Castle

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Issue 14, 1997/98 Objects of Desire
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