Wild About Ida

Mount Ida is a paradise for wild flowers. Martyn Rix prospected the area from cool, damp north to hot, dry south. There he found and photographed dwarf flax, giant hogweed – and plants that grow nowhere else in the world

  • The single white rose 'rosa horrida' with its very spiny stems and aromatic leaves

From Troy, far to the north, you can see the long ridge and peaks of Mount Ida dominating the southern skyline. The tops are bare and windswept, but around the flanks of the mountain are woods which trap the winter snow and spring rain feeding the ancient River Scamander, now the Menderes, which reaches the sea near Troy. Mount Ida (in Turkish, Kaz Daği) forms the southern edge of the Vale of Troy, a rich and fertile valley of cornfields and orchards.

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  • The Milky Way

    In Turkey ‘muhallebi’ forms part of everyone’s diet, from babies to grandmothers, for it is wonderfully nourishing. It has two essential ingredients: pure starch - whether from the flour of rice, wheat, corn or potatoes - which is entirely digestible: and milk, which is rich in protein, calcium and vitamins.
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  • The Shock of the Old

    Harald Hauptmann, who led the archaeological team which unearthed this find, near the city of Urfa, explains why the early Neolithic sites of southeastern Turkey are rewriting history.

  • Treasures of a Lost Dynasty

    The Camondo family, once dubbed ‘the Rothschilds of the East’, amassed a fortune in Turkey before moving to Paris in 1869. There, in the rue de Monceau, they established an exquisite collection of 18th-century French art, which was bequeathed to the nation in 1935. By Patricia Daunt with photographs by Jean Marie del Moral.

  • The art of letter-writing

    Emin Barın created an entire new language for calligraphy. Elizabeth Meath Baker reports

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Issue 26, 2002 The Birth of Art
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