Jennifer’s Hamam: a luxurious hand-loomed Turkish bath towel (ecru)

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In Ottoman times, you went to Bursa to get Turkey's famous cotton bath towels, but today finding the real article there is virtually impossible. These plush ecru bath towels are made by Jennifer's Hamam in Istanbul's Arasta Bazaar (featured in Cornucopia 50), pioneers of the revival of hand-loomed weaving in Anatolia. Made in exceptionally absorbant GOTS certified organic Turkish cotton threads, the towels measure 100cm x 180cm (excluding fringe) and weigh 1.25kg. Each towel takes takes a skilled weaver a full four days to make – the selvage edge verifies that the towels are individually hand-loomed.

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The towels are beautifully finished, with hand-tied fringes as shown.

All orders of the same colour and pattern will be of the same dye lot, though dye lots may vary slightly with separate orders.

Washing Instructions:

First wash: soak in cold water for 24 hours, then allow to drip dry.

** As organic cotton is not absorbent initially, soaking before washing can help speed up the process of 'breaking-in' the cotton, allowing it to become absorbent more quickly.

** When soaking for the first time, please ensure the towel is completely saturated with water, using your hands to work the water into the fibres if necessary. Please note that the towels may need pre-soaking and washing three or four times before becoming fully absorbent.

Everyday care:
Machine wash at 30-40 C
Do not use fabric softener
Tumble dry at a cool-to-medium temperature and remove from dryer when 85% dry

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All goods are carefully inspected before packaging. For international shipments goods will be UPS insured and delivered within 5 days. Please inspect your package upon delivery. If package arrives damaged, please photograph it and contact Jennifer at A full refund will be issued once the items have been received by the seller provided there is a fault.

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