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Jennifer’s Hamam

Step back into a time where quality, natural and organic were not choices, they just were. To a time where craftsmanship and the work of a true artisan was appreciated.  Jennifer’s Hamam works with some of the last families and individuals that still practise a weaving tradition in Turkey. The textiles are all woven on old-style-shuttled looms using natural materials such as, GOTS certified organic cotton, linen, bamboo and silk. All fibres used are Turkish and all the artisans are Turkish, weaving in Turkey.

Just 17 short years ago, weaving villages around Turkey were full of many different kinds of old-style shuttled looms, even in Istanbul, looms could be found making the famous looped Turkish towels. Most of these people between then and now have gone bankrupt and lost their livelihoods in weaving due to the faster but lower quality production of modern industrial looms. The families and individuals left in a few of these villages scattered from the south to the southeast of Turkey, work directly with Jennifer to create beautiful towels and textiles of a quality that you can no longer find in the country and in designs unique to Jennifer’s Hamam.  

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