Imaginary World of a Paper Architect

Nazimî Yaver Yenal

Published by Istanbul Research Institute (İstanbul Araştırma Enstitüsü)

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Book Description

The Imaginary World of a Paper Architect: Nazimî Yaver Yenal begins with the student years of Yenal (1904-1987) – an unconventional name in 20th-century Turkish architecture – at the Academy of Fine Arts and focuses on his oeuvre until the 1950s. This exhibition catalogue offers a broad insight into the history of architecture education in Turkey, competitions organised in the early periods of the Republic, and the relationship between state and architecture. The exhibition catalogue includes an exhaustive article by exhibition curator, Büke Uras, as well as articles by Prof. M. Baha Tanman, Prof. Behçet Ünsal, and Prof. Ataman Demir, all of whom offer different perspectives on the life and work of Yenal.

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£11.50 / $14.34 / 81.42 TL

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