Karşılaşmalar / Encounters

Works from Akdeniz University Faculty of Fine Arts

Ebru Nalan Sülün, exhibition curator

Published by Pera Museum

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Book Description

The exhibition Encounters, Works from Akdeniz University Faculty of Fine Arts comprises works by the earliest graduates as well as the most recent and also current graduate students in the Departments of Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Ceramics, Photography, Traditional Turkish Arts and Cinema-Television.

In the catalogue text written by the exhibition curator, Ebru Nalan Sülün, the readers will be able to see that the selection of works reflects both the references of the fabric and rich cultural infrastructure of Antalya and the multi-dimensional model of education espoused by the Faculty of Fine Arts. Through the themes of The Transformation of the Body, Abstraction, Conceptual Approaches, Digital Universe-Publicity, and Documentary, viewers will be able to observe the methods and intellectual processes of the prospective artists trained at Akdeniz University’s Faculty of Fine Arts.

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£9.00 / $10.94 / 61.00 TL

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