Lion’s Milk / Aslan Sütü

Turkish Poems by Scottish Poets

Edited by ian Brown and Alan Riach. Translated into Turkish by Gülru White

Published by Kennedy & Boyd

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Book Description

Poetry by William Lithgow, Lord Byron, Edwin Morgan, Donald MacAulay, J. Derrick McClure, Liz Lochhead, John Purser, Ian Brown, Bashabi Fraser and Alan Riach tranlated in to Turkish by Gülru White, and presented as bilingual text in parallel.
Professor Ian Brown is a poet and Professor of Drama at Kingston University, London.
Alan Riach is a poet and Professor of Scottish Literature at the University of Glasgow.


Climbing a hill
to look down on the city
I saw it gradually
rise into view
slowed my step
savouring the gradualness
as if the ground was sacred,
and perhaps it was.
When more than minarets
appeared, and the whole
crowding of domes,
gleam of waterways
crowded with ferries,
the bridges and the light,
far-off horns and cries
crowded the very
emptiest spaces
of the heart
I tried to stifle
sobbing but could not,
could not stop tears.

Edwin Morgan, Glasgow (1920–2010)

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£6.00 / $7.44 / 42.52 TL

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