Turkish Hands: Gesturing your way home

A Hand Guide for Tourists

Published by Tara Alisbah

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Book Description

Visitors to Turkey can often be flummoxed by some of the hand gestures they encounter there. More than mere gesticulation, their meaning can be remarkably definite, going hand in hand – so to speak – with certain set verbal phrases. In her delightful little book Tara Alisbah has drawn attention to this phenomenon and offers the confused tourist some help. Each gesture is illustrated with photographs and its context and use is explained.

However Turkish Hands is not just a guide book. It is a charming reminder of a unique and expressive culture, and Alisbah’s often personal take on such an overlooked aspect of it belies a deep affection.

Michael Hornsby, Cornucopia.

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£10.00 / $12.74 / 74.05 TL

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