War and Peace

Music of the Crimea 1853-56

The London Academy of Ottoman Court Music, with Emre Araci
Published by Kalan Müsik
£7.50 / $9.39 / 53.70 TL ($/TL approx)

Sultan Abdülmecid Için Askeri Mars
Oltenitza Marsi
Imparator Galopu
Silistre Marsi
Türk Savas Marsi - Mezzosoprano Ve Piyano Triosu Için Üç Halk Sarkisi
When Far from the Home of Your Youth
‘Tis But in Vain, For Nothing Thrives
Faithfu’ Johnnie
Kirim’in Güney Kiyilarinda, Keman Ve Yaylilar Si Minör
Thy Ship Must Sail, My Henry Dear
On the Massacre of Glencoe
Bonny Laddie, Highland Laddie!
Istanbul Kadrili - Çanakkale Re Majör - Besika Koyu Sol Majör - Edirne
Sultan’in Sehri Polkasi
Türk Marsi, Atina’nin Harabeleri
Ömer Pasa Valsleri
Savas Galopu

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