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The 44th Lecture Series: art and archaeology in Turkey

The Flavian Building Programme in Asia Minor: The Age of Vespasian

April 15, 2024
19.00 Turkish time
In person or by zoom (register here)

TAA, Ankara, TAA (Turkish-American Association), Cinnah Caddesi No 20, Ankara

Deniz Berk Tokbudak of Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University, Karaman, examines Roman Imperial buildings in Asia Minor in the age of Vespasian, determined to redress the absence of studies into the period’s legacy. Far more has been written about Vespasian’s predecessors, the Julio–Claudians, and the Adoptive Emperors who followed him, yet the long-disregarded body of evidence, says Tokbudak, is substantial and can tell us a huge amount about the programme and its function.

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