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Takkeciler Sokak No 58–60, Kapalıçarşı, Istanbul

Very close to the Old Bedestan, opposite EthniCon, the sister company.

With three generations of experience in Turkish rugs, Mehmet Güreli commissions designs from leading artists. His rugs are then handloomed in Uşak and Izmir on the Aegean. The result is modern, abstract carpets for a fixed price of around €500 a square metre.

Cornucopia 50

From Palace to Bazaar

The Hill of Dreams
Mehmed the Conqueror had a vision of a palace and imperial capital: a place of opulence, complexity and mystery that would inspire awe. And so it does. No less vaunting, Sultan Ahmed decreed that his Blue Mosque should rival the glorious basilica of Ayasofya. With three prodigious hillside monuments, and much more, the Sultanahmed district is a tourist hotspot. Glut your senses, then escape the madding crowds in the cool chambers of the Archaeological Museum beneath the Topkapı.

Cornucopia lavishes 30 pages on this area alone, exploring the Topkapı with renowned guide Claire Karaz, while historian Caroline Finkel visits more Ottoman glories unchanged in centuries. Cornucopia takes you on a spending spree through the bazaars, guides you through Sultanahmet and the Hippodrome, and much more…
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