A fine kazaziye-silver knot bracelet (shipping included)

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Trabzon, on Turkey's northeast Black Sea coast, was one of the most important centres of jewellery in the Ottoman Empire. This elegant bracelet is designed and created by the Trabzon jeweller Funda Yapıcıoğlu using the highly refined kazaziye technique exclusive to the city's silversmiths and jewellers.

This method of twisting silver thread is thought to date back to the Lydians, who dominated Anatolia around 2800BC.


The bracelet Cornucopia is offering is 100% handmade, with silver threads made up of twisting wires of 1000K silver 0.08 micron thick, wrapped round threads of silk with the help of a spinning wheel. These threads are then sewn into intricate configurations and patterns.

Funda Yapıcıoğlu uses leather to complete this glittering bracelet.

Dimensions: length 16cm

Funda Yapıcıoğlu has been making kazaziye jewellery for 10 years, and has adapted the traditional technique and designs to create beautiful, highly wearable jewellery.

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