Paşaeli Yapıncak 2016 (Thrace) & Çalkarası Blush 2016 (Aegean) – mixed case of 6 bottles

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In Cornucopia 56, Kevin Gould writes:

Paşaeli Çalkarası Blush 2016 (Aegean)
Kaynaklar vineyard, Buca, Izmir
Çalkarası grape

Lovely seahorse label, a gorgeous wine; not pushed, but an entirely charming expression of this grape that starts by humming quietly and ends melodically with your favourite summer-at-the-seaside soundtrack. Great.

Paşaeli Yapıncak 2016 (Thrace)
Hoşköy vineyard,Tekirdağ
Yapıncak grape

Pretty fresias on the nose. Crisp and tense structure, cool and poised on the palate. Very good: uncomplicated but with enough complexity to demand further tasting. Begs to be drunk with spaghetti alle vongole.

Paşaeli Wines – Izmir, Turkey

Seyit Karağözoğlu founded this family-owned estate in 2000, and after much research found two ideal sites in Kaynaklar, Izmir, and Hoşköy, Tekirdağ, with the first vines planted in 2002. The former is deemed to be suited to Bordeaux varieties, the latter to native grapes, which have existed in the region for centuries. It is these indigenous varieties of Anatolia and Thrace that Seyit most wants to protect, and Red Squirrel heartily agree because they make brilliant wines. These wines from Paşaeli prove that Turkish wine need not just be the next curiosity, but a genuine challenger to wines from more established origins.

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