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The Characters of Yusuf Franko

November 23, 2018 – January 25, 2019

Çankaya Belediyesi Zülfü Livaneli Kültür Merkezi, Yıldızevler Mahallesi, Şht. Mustafa Doğan Cd No. 59, 06550 Çankaya

Two years after its exhibition at ANAMED’s Istanbul outpost, the farcical work of Yusuf Franko appears in Ankara. Franko’s caricatures depict satirically charged portraits of wealthy capitalists, members of high society, Ottoman pashas, Levantines, artists and diplomats of the late 19th century.

Read more about Yusuf Franko and his work in the Connoisseur pages of Cornuncopia 55.

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